Meet Team Nate!

Sue Li, Fundraising Advisor

“Hi, my name is Sue Li, and I am Nate’s Fundraising Advisor for Nate’s campaign. I’m supporting Nate because I wanted to see more Asian-Americans in office advocating and supporting our voices. As a social worker and nonprofit professional, working with Nate has shown me that he will put the needs of the people first.”

“Hello, my name is Brian Ko, I’m a rising junior at Boston University majoring in Political Science and Classical Civilization, and I’m the Field Director of Nate’s campaign for Malden’s Ward 8. I’ve been very closely interested in politics since sophomore year of high school. My work began on campaigns in Boston and my hometown of Andover, where both supported Asian Americans seeking to carve a spot in political history. I passionately believe that people of color should be represented in politics at all levels of society, from the local to the national, and I’m doing my part to make that a reality. I’m really excited to be working on Nate’s campaign!”

“Hello! My name is Becca Zlotowicz and I am the Campaign Communications Director! I am originally from Chicago, IL and now am a rising Junior at Suffolk University in Boston. I major in political science and co-created the Women in Government club, which I run at Suffolk. My passion on progressive politics led me to meet Nate. I feel so excited to be a part of Nate’s campaign because I know how well he would serve this community if given the opportunity. I ask you all to learn more about Nate through our social media to see how Nate has already contributed so much to this town. Help us win this election!”

“Hi! My name is Brendon Albrizio, and I work as a VP in Customer Success at Crayon, where I lead a team of market analysts who use software to deliver competitive insights to customers. Before Crayon, I was the Chief Operating Officer of Adlife, a full-service advertising agency, and a co-founder at Sirculr, a mobile app and digital marketing startup. I have known Nate for a very long time and I can tell you he has a passion for helping everybody around him. I am excited to be working with the team as the Treasurer and keeping track of Nate’s campaign finances!”

“Hi everybody! My name is Billy Zeng, a Class of 2021 graduate of Malden High School. I am Team Nate’s Campaign Manager! I joined the N8 for Ward 8 Campaign because I believe that we need more inclusive community spaces, increased DEI efforts, and for more municipal leaders to uplift youth voices. The Malden City Council is overdue for an Asian American Maldonian to serve as a city councillor and I believe that with Malden’s large Asian American population, an Asian American city councillor is the first step to having a truly representative local government. I have lived in Malden’s Ward 8 for my  entire life, so I am super excited to be involved with the campaign and for the opportunity to continue having an impact on my community. I believe Nate has the passion and dedication to bring positive change to both the Ward and the City!”

“Hello, my name is Erik Shin, and I am the Campaign Intern on Nate Bae Kupel’s Team for Ward 8 City Council. Growing up as a first-generation Korean-American of immigrant parents and grandparents, I’ve been instilled with Korean culture and tradition, as well as inspiration from my grandparents. On both sides of my family, my grandparents came to America with virtually nothing, but were able to succeed and achieve the American dream. My Korean heritage is a large part of my identity. However, I’ve faced many challenges because of my differences. Time and time again, Asian-Americans have been the target of verbal and physical racism, but tensions have never been higher now. I’ve realized we need change, which starts in our community.

I came across Nate’s campaign through the Korean American Citizenship League, and immediately related to his beliefs. Nate’s fight for unity, equality, and fight against Asian-American racism showed me that he is the change that Malden needs!”