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Neighbor to Neighbor endorses Nate Bae Kupel for Malden Ward 8 City Council
Malden Advocate 10/22/21 – GBLC endorses Nate Bae Kupel for Malden Ward 8 City Council

10/21 – Malden Youth Candidates Forum

10/20/21 – Urban Media Arts (UMA) Wards 7-8 Forum
10/8/21 – Chinese Culture Connection Candidates Forum
Our Revolution Malden endorses Nate for Ward 8 City Council
Nate’s Campaign Op-Ed – Source: Malden Advocate (September 24, 2021)
Source: Malden Advocate (July 30th 2021)
Source: Malden Advocate (July 23 2021)

Newsletter #2

6/22 Weekly Campaign Newsletter Campaign Intern Introduction Hello, my name is Erik Shin, and I am interning for Nate Kupel´s campaign for election in Ward 8 of Malden, Massachusetts. Growing up as a first-generation Korean-American of immigrant parents and grandparents, I´ve been instilled with Korean culture and tradition, as well as inspiration from my grandparents.Continue reading “Newsletter #2”

Newsletter #1

Campaign Manager Introduction:  Billy Zeng, a Class of 2021 graduate of Malden High School, joined Nate’s Campaign Team as the Campaign Manager this past week. Having lived in Malden’s Ward 8 for most of his entire life, he is excited to be involved with the campaign and for the opportunity to continue having an impactContinue reading “Newsletter #1”

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