Campaign Literature

Bringing Malden Together

The past year and a half has challenged our community more than ever before. Nate Bae Kupel will bring Malden together to find solutions.

As Ward 8’s city councilor, Nate will be a steadfast listener and solutions-focused leader for all residents, families, and young people.

A nonprofit professional and volunteer leader with a degree in social work, Nate’s strength is listening to what people need and then connecting them with resources and solutions. 

Nate’s involvement in the community and across sectors includes experience as a state commissioner advocating for equitable policies, marketing and communications consultant in the healthcare sector, and national recruitment director for the award-winning Institute for Nonprofit Practice, which provides skills and training to nonprofit workers. He has been an anti-racism trainer and served on the board of a local professional association for social workers.

“I love our corner of Malden and can’t wait to meet you, earn your trust, and represent you at City Hall. Please reach out to me, I’d love to hear what’s on your mind.”

VOTE: Sep 14 (Preliminary) / Nov 2 (General)

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Nate’s Priorities

Keeping Malden Clean and Green

The quality of our environment has long-lasting impacts on the health of ourselves and our children. From keeping our streets clean, to the air-quality and green spaces that all of us have access to, I care deeply about making our neighborhoods healthy and enjoyable spaces to live in. 

An Advocate at City Hall

I believe that government works best when everyone has a seat at the table. As your representative in City Hall, I’ll work hard to communicate early and often about the issues that affect your daily lives. I’ll prioritize City-wide community outreach and equity initiatives to support our diverse communities.

Supporting Education and Opportunity

Our young people deserve equitable access to high-quality education. As City Councillor I’ll work with our School Committee and Mayor to keep our class sizes small, and increase the emotional and academic resources they need to thrive. 

Building our Community 

Building and shaping our communities requires ongoing attention. From tending to the condition and accessibility of our roads and sidewalks, to public transportation and small business growth, I will use my social work and community leadership background to ensure that our neighborhoods are resourced.