Newsletter #2

6/22 Weekly Campaign Newsletter

Campaign Intern Introduction

Hello, my name is Erik Shin, and I am interning for Nate Kupel´s campaign for election in Ward 8 of Malden, Massachusetts. Growing up as a first-generation Korean-American of immigrant parents and grandparents, I´ve been instilled with Korean culture and tradition, as well as inspiration from my grandparents. On both sides of my family, my grandparents came to America with virtually nothing, but were able to succeed and achieve the American dream. My Korean heritage is a large part of my identity. However, I´ve faced many challenges because of my differences. Time and time again, Asian-Americans have been the target of verbal and physical racism, but tensions have never been higher now. With the pandemic, I saw Asian elders assaulted just because of their race, or my own classmates making racist remarks towards me in school. I’ve realized we need change, which starts in our community.”

In the spring of 2021, I came across Nate´s campaign through the Korean American Citizenship League, and immediately related to his beliefs. Nate´s fight for unity, equality, and fight against Asian-American racism showed me that he is the change. I’m really excited to be an intern on Nate’s campaign. That’s why, in my first week on the campaign, I hope you’ll help make a donation of $100, $50, or whatever feels right for you. Your donation will be put directly into our campaign literature and yard signs. I’m excited to join the campaign team and hope you’ll support Nate today!” – Erik

Volunteer Opportunity: Help Team Nate SATURDAY (6/26) 1-3PM!

We need YOUR help this SATURDAY (6/26) to knock doors in Ward 8! We will be knocking doors from 1-3 PM. If you never canvassed before, do not worry! Our team will provide a quick training and answer any questions you may have. All supplies will be provided to you, but feel free to bring your own masks and water bottles! We would love to see you out on the field with us! Sign up to volunteer here.

Around the Ward & Community
What better way to kickoff summer than to attend an event or two in Malden! This week, a lot is happening in the Malden community!

Check them out:
Malden River Works Public Meeting, this Thursday (6/25) on Zoom from 6:30-7:30 PM
2nd Malden Summer Festival, this Saturday (6/26) in Downtown Malden from 12-6 PM
Bridge Recovery Center Grand Opening, this Saturday (6/26) from 11-2 PM
Malden Pride 2021, this Saturday (6/26) in Coytemore Lea Park from 11-3 PM

Click the links above to refer to the Facebook posts and get involved!

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